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Zine Callout— Are you a non-binary trans person? (Zine: stories and advice for service providers)


Hi everyone! I’m posting this call for zine submissions for a friend. Please reblog to spread the word!

"I’m a non-binary person and I’m going to be on a panel of non-binary people talking to LGBTQ+ service providers at an LGBTQ+ service provider’s conference in Ontario, Canada. Non-binary people are a very diverse group with all sorts of different needs and perspectives. I would very much like to collect stories and input from other non-binary people (whether trans-identified or not) to share with people at the conference because I have the privilege of being able to access this space safely and many non-binary people don’t.

Non-binary trans people all have different identities and experiences… many of us face some pretty intense hostility, discrimination and violence. And a lot of that comes from people who are supposed to be there to help us. Many non-binary people avoid all sorts of services even when we really need help, because we know how we’re likely to be treated… and it’s not okay.

As a non-binary person, what do you have to say to LGBTQ+ service providers about the kinds of stuff you’ve experienced from service providers and about how they do better?

Audience: LGBTQ+ service providers at an LGBTQ+ service-providers’ conference (“professional” people who claim to care about non-binary people, but who probably have no idea what that means).

LGBTQ+ services providers are medical and mental health professionals, educators and teachers, social workers and workers at community organisations serving all sorts of different LGBTQ+ populations.

Some possible guiding questions:

Do you have experiences interacting with service providers you’d like to share? (These are people who won’t know what interacting with service providers is like for you.)

• What happened and what effect did that have on you?

• How did they treat you?

• Have these experiences kept you from seeking services? If so, how?

• What would you have liked to happen?

• How did things like racism, ableism, misogyny and other forms of oppression matter?

Do you have any advice or information you’d like service providers to know about working with non-binary people? (This includes non-binary people who also face other kinds of oppression such as racism, ableism and misogyny.)

• What are some barriers you’ve faced because your gender identity/expression?

• What services have you not been able to access that you have liked to?

• Have you ever avoided seeking help from a service provider when you needed it because you were afraid of how they would treat you (or didn’t think you’d be able to deal with it)?

• What were some things service-providers can do to be more accessible to non-binary people and to better meet your needs as a non-binary person?

Short pieces of writing are ideal (e.g., 250 words)… when it comes to service providers actually reading them, but longer pieces are okay too if you have a lot to say, and so are images if that’s how you express yourself.

Please e-mail submissions or questions to: non.binary.zine@gmail.com

Deadline: May 31st, 2014 (so the zine can be ready in time for the conference)

Zine to be printed in black and white only.”

Pierre et Gilles (born respectively in 1950 and 1953)Mercury2001 (model: Enzo Junior)Painted photograph, unique pieceH. 117.3; W. 87 cm